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The shared delight of those who partake in common of this refreshing nectar
breaks the ice of formal reserve.
Taut nerves relax; taut muscles relax; tired eyes brighten; tongues loosen; friendships deepen;
the whole world becomes a better place in which to live.

David A. Embury, The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, 1948


The Bar

Our Name
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Our Name

topiary /ˈtō-pē-ˌer-ē/ noun shrubs or trees clipped into ornamental shapes

Topiary symbolizes our passion for fun, our appreciation for the finer things in life, our love for green and outdoor space, and our desire to dedicate a cozy space for old friends and new friends we get to know through Topiary.

Our Drinks

Complementing our space are Shim Cocktails – serious cocktails that are the latest craze in the mixologist world. Our signature cocktails are all hand-crafted and characterized by its fine ingredients and mesmerizing visual appeal, perfectly matched with a small bite of delight. Whilst our drinks are named after the lingo of a petit-bourgeois financier, they are designed to charm anyone from an aristocrat to a proletariat.

As the old adage goes, “a drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts”. The curious souls who cast the right magic spells shall be rewarded a chance to savor our secret creations.

To you, the wise and discerning patron, what are the words of wisdom that you are going to share with us today?

Cocktails fancifully created by Head Mixologist Paul Fan.

Our Space

In the 19th Century, aristocrats, merchants, scholars and other curious professionals rushed to attend the Exposition Universelle, the world’s first series of International Fairs in Paris, to enjoy the spectacular display of ceramics, porcelain, old master’s paintings and exotic finds unearthed by global trade. This pivotal staging of decorative arts sparked long-lived deliberations and reflections of bygone progress among the society of the learned and powerful. This lounge space, split evenly between the indoor and outdoor, references the force of that early French Industrial and Arts age - tightly created with heavily sculpted geometric French garden terraces and a rigorous library with an exhaustive collection of spirits to match. A bird soaring in high-altitude would look down onto Lyndhurst Terrace and spot the topiary French garden, shaped in rhombus, set in dark wood and marble and accented with vibrant bulbous shrubs. A butterfly wandering into the lounge's private quarters would find rest in the hand-painted silk panels dipped in red and gold juxtaposed with pietre dure floor. To you, the witted and adventurous patron, as you enter from the checkered marble promenade, what is the excitable idea you bring to the table in this topiary of the land beyond? Whimsically sculpted by LALA CURIO.


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Hours: Mon to Fri, 6:00 pm to 2:00 am
Sat, 5:00 pm to 2:00 am
Sunday closed except for event booking 
Phone: +852 2866 6485
Fax: +852 2866 6484
Address: 3/F, Hilltop Plaza
No. 49 - 51 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong
(Next to Pacific Coffee on Hollywood Road, Above Sushi Sase)
Email: info@topiaryhk.com 


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For events, filming and reservation enquiries, email info@topiaryhk.com or fill in the below form which will allow us to respond with a proposal that best meets your expectations most efficiently.


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