The Truth About Counterfeit Luxury Handbags

Most people these days are ignorant about the serious issues behind the enterprise of counterfeit products, especially in the luxury handbag and accessory market. A replica bag can be used as a way to violate the laws. is typically justified by claims such as “sellers just give people things they like at an affordable price”, “I’m only carrying it for a while, I’m not able afford the true deal” or “the top brands have such a large amount of money that they don’t have to worry about harm.”
Tourists used to visit the city’s Canal Street for decades to see fake handbags. They were led into rooms with bags covered in plastic before being told designer names , such as “Gucci” as well as “Louis”. There’s a chance you’ve heard of that Sex and The City Episode where Samantha and Carrie buy fake Fendi out of the trunk of the car of someone in LA. This is just one of the most well-known examples.

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