What is an Emerald appearance Like

How does the Emerald look like.xxx The shades of blue and yellow are also possible. When making jewelry, or cabochons Emeralds can be cut into a rectangular shape. This form is frequently described as “emerald-cut”.
Since their beginnings, emeralds have been a source of inspiration, calm, and peace through the course of. crystals for healing Crystal healing Because of its rich hue and royal appearance they are popular by royals as well as gem lovers.
How do natural Emeralds look?
The raw emeralds develop within metamorphic rocks and tend to be more rough and without a cut. The raw emeralds are a variety of hue, with yellow and blue shades being the most popular. The possibilities are endless for creating jewelry and paintings with them through the use of transparent or translucent Emeralds.
The raw emeralds are naturally, more rough and uncut, and they are formed within metamorphic rocks. They can vary in shade, with blue or yellow blue hues being most popular. Also, they can be transparent or translucent, which is valued for murals and jewelry. crystal decoration

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